1. Come Back Kate

From the recording Who's Foolin Who

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A song with a story but to tell the story would just deflate the song, way too much to have to explain..featuring Birds of Chicago


she stood on a tub and played her kazoo
sportin a zombie patsy cline tattoo
she played all her songs and even sung Crazy
i lit up a smoke, sat back kinda lazy
i started thinkin i 'm already late
sadly i see someone else won my plate
i was hurt what she did was just mean
all she left was that damned ol tambourine

come back kate
i know its complicated
don't tempt fate
you know how i waited
it's gettin late
and im hungover
hurry back kate
i aint gettin any younger

told her life sure comes in flashes
told me she had a weakness for 'staches
all seemed well cept one little bother
people kept asking if i was her father

she quoted the duke every mans cupid
life is hard even harder when you're stupid
i didn't mind we were headed for bliss
then i woke up what the hell did i miss
i miss her sweet face and hair that's lopsided
i picked up that tambourine and finally decided
if i can't have her then i might take a whirl
get up to canada to hook up with po' girl