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Although he may be an obscure name outside of his immediate area, Domenic Cicala is more than worth a spin for anyone with an affinity for country, folk, Americana and rootsy sounds. ” - Dave Strkyer

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Check out these amazing reviews of the new record Come On Over The Honky Tonk Duets

from Glide Magazine - Come On Over (Honky Tonk Duets) a soon to be timeless collection of songs that sounds like a long lost could have been Gordon Lightfoot/Linda Ronstadt album. Cicala delivers with a spectral croon that rings in a tender warmth and shiny upside reserved for 70’s folk legends.

Country Music People Magazine gave it 4.5/5 stars

"Now, imagine a honky-tonk, country duets album that arrives without fanfare or expectation from a guy you’ve never encountered singing with a few different female voices...AND you are completely blown away by the set, as much as you likely woulda been if had old favourites popped out of your speakers." 

"Frequently a CD from an artist I've never heard of arrives for review. Seldom do I fall over on the chesterfield listening. This album of duets may not be the country album of the year, but it is going to be close! Holy!" - Music reviews and thoughts @FervorCoulee

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Alan Cackett

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And now this... Come On Over is a finalist for Best Country/Americana Album of the year. Lovin Arms is a finalist for Best Country/Americana Song of the Year. and The Coalesce Choir's American Skin is a finalist for Best Rock Song of the Year

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"Vocally Domenic’s smooth croon charts a persuasive course along warm, laconic roads previously travelled by Glen Campbell and Jim Croce." _ Alan Cackett