... his music is hard to classify because, “It’s a blend of decades, musical influences, and dark places that just come through— all the situations of life.”

— Town Courier

"Domenic Cicala has a special talent for songwriting and conveying his message. One word in particular always comes to me when I think about Domenic's style ... and the word is 'authentic.'" ”

Just a word

Hailing from the D.C. area, Domenic Cicala - A singer/songwriter with a love for the 3 minute song.  Largely influenced by the holy musical trinity of Hank, Elvis and Bruce and owing all his musical acumen to the sagely philosophy of Woody Guthrie "If you play more than 2 chords you are showing off".   Domenic is a Roots Rock/Americana artist who performs his own compositions as well as digging deep into the covers catalog.

Domenic was recently referred to as a “newcomer”.  His first public performance was in 2008 and  his first record was released in 2014.  The CD called "Who's Foolin Who", which garnered a Wammie nomination for “Best Roots Rock recording”,  is a record that brings together many musical elements and styles from country punk waltz to Memphis style R&B to quirky folk/pop.  The record features the cream of the crop of DC musicians, as well as guest appearances by Birds of Chicago and Rachel Harrington.   

While performing “relentlessly” as one promoter put it, Domenic put out his latest record, Our Favorite Song.  The record reached number 34 on the Roots Music Report chart and landed at #128 out of top 200 for 2017.


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