The story so far

It all started on a train to Central Mexico.  A long, long train ride with a cast of characters - Typhoid Dan, Roadie Bob and a Finnish cowboy nicknamed Dusty... and some well known masters of song such as Dave Alvin, Tom Russell, Terry Allen, and Butch Hancock among others.  There was a deal struck with my new friend Bonnie, a pledge to pursue a lifelong dream to not only play music but write songs.  So cut to a year or so later when a friend said  " We need a rhythm guitarist for this band I'm in...".  Well after years of noodlin in the confines of my office and singing in the bathroom,  I thought ok, sure, why not.   And so Vincent 52 was born.   A great roots rock band that quickly established itself at the top of the heap in the local maketplace.  The band stayed together almost 5 years before  finally calling it quits on November 17, 2012.  Now I am starting down a new road.  Playing my songs, covering the chestnuts that really move me and just enjoying the fact that after a lifetime on the sidelines, I am in the game....

notable quotes

Although he may be an obscure name outside of his immediate area, Domenic Cicala is more than worth a spin for anyone with an affinity for country, folk, Americana and rootsy sounds.  - Dave Styker Take Effect

"Vocally Domenic’s smooth croon charts a persuasive course along warm, laconic roads previously travelled by Glen Campbell and Jim Croce." _ Alan Cackett

Although he may be an obscure name outside of his immediate area, Domenic Cicala is more than worth a spin for anyone with an affinity for country, folk, Americana and rootsy sound"... his music is hard to classify because, “It’s a blend of decades, musical influences, and dark places that just come through— all the situations of life.” -  Town Courier

"He has the soulfulness of Don Williams with the distinct sound of an Orbison or Cash. He is deep, broken and a hopeless romantic that's for sure.  
I love it!!"

"Domenic Cicala has a special talent for songwriting and conveying his message. One word in particular always comes to me when I think about Domenic's style ... and the word is 'authentic.'"

"One needs to listen a few times in order to digest the lyrics properly.  
This man opens his soul to all who listen, so listen up! ... soon to be classic."

"I really like your horn arrangements and your use of cello on some of the songs. You don't always hear those instruments on an "Americana Rock" type record, and I think you succeeded..."

Domenic Cicala has just finished his first CD, "Who's Foolin Who," and it's great from start to finish. It kicks off with "Save Me," a moody tune that establishes Domenic's voice, a baritone that evokes shades of Dave Alvin, Warren Zevon, or Nick Cave... dark and evocative, but entirely his own. Track two, "Trouble," ups the tempo and adds horns; it sounds like Lou Reed fronting T Rex in New Orleans. The rest of the CD is a tour of musical styles of the American South. "Devil's Own Child" is a Texas waltz. "Come Back Kate" adds accordion. And so it goes... Doug Sahm vibes, to Zydeco, to Bo Diddley-esque R & B, to Memphis horns, back to a Texas two-step; Cicala subtly switches styles and instrumentation, making it all sound completely natural, featuring weary but hopeful, honest, straightforward lyrics, and framing his tuneful and recognizable voice. Well done, Domenic!
-Andrew Hardin


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I Think...

Blogger I am not 

I will never be a blogger. I just don't have the time or inclination I suspect. So much has happened musically since I last posted, but let's just jump ahead. On February 12th I will release the long overdue Come On Over, the Honky Tonk Duets. This 3+ years in the making record will be released on cd and vinyl as well as the usual digital services. This is a record of some of the best cover tunes given a loving country treatment. The title track is my arrangement of a BeeGees tune and features the incredible Rachel Harrington. Other guest include BettySoo, Jaimee Harris, Michelle Hannan, Mindy Miller, and Janine Wilson.

There will be more duets coming as there were several left over tunes that didn't fit the Honky Tonk vibe.

Stay tuned more to come on what will be a huge year for releases

Like a slow train ... 

Work continues on the two new records.  The Solo project of new material is shaping up nicely and I am very excited for you to hear the new material. The Duets project is GREAT!  I don't want to give too much away but I get to sing along with the likes of Betty Soo, Charlie Faye and the Fayettes, Jaimee Harris, Mindy Miller, and Michelle Hannan. and talk about diverse song selection! All covers at this point but who knows I may sneak an original in there.  The newest lineup of Thensome has been rockin and rollin. We are doing more band shows lately and hope to add more new venues to our list. If you have a suggestion please email me!


#36 and ... 

Crazy days and crazy nights as Our Favorite Song enters the charts.   The most exciting was a debut on the Roots Music Report Americana Country top 50 album chart at #36.  Hoping to move up some and keep this record growing.

I have been doing a flurry of shows including the long anticipated Tribute to Waylon, which was a smashing success.  Now I am back in the studio working on not just a follow-up record, but TWO new projects.  One is a album of duets which I have been wanting to do since the moment I stepped into the studio for the first time.  Stay tuned!

Lot's of great live music happening these days and the latest seems to be a lot of duo/trio format shows.  Songwriters in the round kind of things which I love.

Get out and check out some great music local and national!


See you soon!




That's right after 3 years and a few months it is time to let go of the project that has dominated my musical mind for the last few years.  Our Favorite Song is a musical narrative of the ups and downs of the cycle of love...not all love, maybe not yours... maybe not mine, well maybe.  It is available now for pre-order and features an Allstar cast of musicians including Austin's own Betty Soo and from our brothers to the north, guitarist extraordinaire (and he played some piano for this record as well) Blair Hogan.  Some of the fine folks a bit closer to home include David Kitchen,Tony Denikos, Mark Noone, Eric Selby, Bill Starks, and that only begins to scratch the surface of talent that graces this project.  I think this records has a lot of surprising musical moments and reflects how far this journey has taken me.  I think you will enjoy it as much as I have making it! In other news there is a great Waylon Tribute show on October 20th at The Blue Side Tavern in Frederick Md and a very special holiday show at the Gaithersburg Arts Barn on Dec 17th...

Crazy as it may seem I am back in the studio already working on two separate projects. A long desired duets project and a record of some new tunes...

Stay tuned!

What? Summer is almost over? but, but, but... 

Seems a bit incomprehensible that once again time has slipped by and I haven't blogged. Now it's not like I have nothing to say. I never have nothing to say.  It's been busy. After finishing the fifth season of the Singer Songwriters Series for the City of Gaithersburg.   Next season is pretty much booked and should be out soon.   I am going into my fourth month of the Roots Rock Revival Meeting held the last Sunday of the month at The Blue Side Tavern in Frederick. I invite a couple of the finest songwriters I can find to share in a loose, very loose, sort of gospel-ly sort of not musical adventure.  Great music Great fun.   I'll be doing a few band shows throughout the next few months especially true come Fall, when I will be out promoting the  new record Our Favorite Song.  That's right.  You read it right.  Mixing finished last night.  We are set to master next week and I expect a early September release.  More on that to come...

I want to take this blog opportunity to once again thank everyone who comes out and supports the shows.  I am fortunate as are many of my fellow performers to have such people support music in the DC area.

I encourage you to check out my latest project which was a little video I did to accompany Couldn't Ask For More. You can find it on my YouTube channel.

next time...not so long...

I know, I know... 

It's been a stupid long time since I wrote anything. Not like I haven't been busy...but not that busy.  So many things happening. On the heels of two successful Merle Haggard Tribute shows (next one will be April 6, 2017 at Bethesda Blues and Jazz Club) I am working on a Gram Parsons tribute tentatively schedule for November 9th...details to come.

I am also working on and finishing up two record projects. The long awaited (lol) followup to Who's Foolin Who is taking a bit longer than expected. Rather than feel the pressure to get it to market.  I have slowed the wheels and am releasing a second project. That's right from the mind that brought you the Sin City "Tringle", on September 25th the Couldn't Ask For More "Quadringle".  The latest release includes the soon to be hoped for hit single Spikes, Pipes & Bottles which features Jon Langford of the Mekons and The Waco Brothers. The world seems to be going mad and I am no exception!!!

Our Favorite Song will be released sometime late December or early 2017.

I am putting together some new musical adventures and hope you will be there for the ride!

December? No Way! 

Yes, that's right, for a guy who is suppose to be writing, I don't blog much and so it's been a long, long while.  To say the year so far has been one wild ride would be an understatement, but I am gonna save that for my 2016 kickoff blog.  Just wanted to drop in a few words about December. I am hard at work on the new CD. Even stole a few hours in the studio to record a soon to be released wedding present for my daughter.

In the last few weeks I had an opportunity to do another interview with the Town Courier. Check it out here: They are very supportive of my music and live music in general.

Coming up I finish off the year with two full band shows. The first an Allstar event with local heavyweights like Tony Denikos, Billy Coulter, Mark Noone, Bob Berberich Martha Hull and more. The show will be filmed and takes place on Dec 10th at the legendary Hershey's in Gaithersburg.

Then we visit the Music Cafe for our All Claused Out Show on Dec26th. My favorite venue these days. We love this room!

So get out and see some music during this hectic time. It will soothe the savage beast in you!


The Great Northwest 

Just back from Spokane, Washington and the beauty of the Northwest.  Might have garnered a few songs for my efforts. I am back in the studio working on what's next - no, not the title of the next record, but working on the next record.  Looking like a singer/songwriters tune or two and some rock and roll.  Not really sure where it will land.

Finally after many snafus I will be doing a acoustic show at Quench on August 14th. Making up for two previous dates that just didn't work out. This will be a fun outing with my fave bassman Steve Kochersperger.

Stay tuned lots of fun coming!

Long Time No Write 

I can't believe I haven't posted since Feb!  My promise to do better is declared. There has been soooooooo much happening, that I just haven't.  All good stuff.  I just returned from Roots on the River 16 which featured amazing performances by Mary Gauthier, Sam Baker & Carrie Elkins, John Fullbright and my "it" band of the moment(and beyond) The Black Lillies...oh yeah and me, I played the Popolos venue and had a great time! There are some videos floating around my YouTube.

Living the dream means that in the space of a few short months I have had the thrill of having Ruthie Logsdon, Dede Wyland, and Lara Herscovitch all sit in for a song or two. I have had Jon Langford in the studio singing on one of the tunes for the next record...oh yeah workin on the next record...Lookin a bit like a Rock & Roll at the moment, but who knows where it will go.  After Sin City, I have become more enamored of doing cover songs. So watch for a couple of those.check out the show page for more info on where I will be , what configuration and new live videos from shows.

Talk with you soon and please be it me or someone else, SUPPORT LIVE MUSIC!



Had a fantastic musical week that had me doing my first ever Feature Artist performance at the SAW Singer Songwriters Showcase at Brewer's Alley. A special treat among many that evening was having Bob Berberich of Grin and Hangmen fame sit in on I Found Love, The song from Sin City "tringle" that he played on.  Below is a rare performance of Come Back Kate

We had a great Alternative Lover's Ball on Valentines night in spite of this cruel Alberta clipper that has chilled our bones.  Wilcom's Inn is a dying breed of Cheers-like honky-tonks that I always have a great great time playing. 

AND the ballots are out and Who's Foolin Who has been nominated for Best Roots Rock Recording!!! I couldn't be more thrilled. To venture down this road in the setting sun of my days is amazing enough. To be recognized along some some of the DC area's great talents is both honoring and humbling. The Washington Area Music Awards takes place on March 15th at the State Theater in Virginia.

and lastly I am gonna ease back finish some projects and  head back into the studio to work on some new material...stay warm...