Blogger I am not

I will never be a blogger. I just don't have the time or inclination I suspect. So much has happened musically since I last posted, but let's just jump ahead. On February 12th I will release the long overdue Come On Over, the Honky Tonk Duets. This 3+ years in the making record will be released on cd and vinyl as well as the usual digital services. This is a record of some of the best cover tunes given a loving country treatment. The title track is my arrangement of a BeeGees tune and features the incredible Rachel Harrington. Other guest include BettySoo, Jaimee Harris, Michelle Hannan, Mindy Miller, and Janine Wilson.

There will be more duets coming as there were several left over tunes that didn't fit the Honky Tonk vibe.

Stay tuned more to come on what will be a huge year for releases