December? No Way!

Yes, that's right, for a guy who is suppose to be writing, I don't blog much and so it's been a long, long while.  To say the year so far has been one wild ride would be an understatement, but I am gonna save that for my 2016 kickoff blog.  Just wanted to drop in a few words about December. I am hard at work on the new CD. Even stole a few hours in the studio to record a soon to be released wedding present for my daughter.

In the last few weeks I had an opportunity to do another interview with the Town Courier. Check it out here: They are very supportive of my music and live music in general.

Coming up I finish off the year with two full band shows. The first an Allstar event with local heavyweights like Tony Denikos, Billy Coulter, Mark Noone, Bob Berberich Martha Hull and more. The show will be filmed and takes place on Dec 10th at the legendary Hershey's in Gaithersburg.

Then we visit the Music Cafe for our All Claused Out Show on Dec26th. My favorite venue these days. We love this room!

So get out and see some music during this hectic time. It will soothe the savage beast in you!