The morning after a big show is always ...weird.  I received a wonderful promising email the day before. One of those that keeps you happily restless all night.  First thing this morning I got another email offering me a slot…Read more


Yes, you might recognize that as a symbol for shiteatinggrin...that's what I am wearing this morning as I listen to the almost final mix of a special song.  If all goes well (and so far lookin' good) this will be…Read more

For those procrastinators

It's October 15th and time for 2013 taxes on extension to be filed...oh boy...also there are 2 weeks left and i am reaching out hoping that Who's Foolin Who and  myself and Mark A Noone and Steve Carr and Ruthie…Read more

Little Gussying Up

Check out the new "Hidden Treasure" link under "Links" tab.  If you are signed up for email, you will get the password to some cool (and maybe not so cool) videos and such...

Been a month busy with shows includingRead more

Sunday August 17th WWSP 90fm

Just got word that Jim Canales, who has a very cool radio program called Acoustic Revival, will be playing my song The Key... tune in to 90fm to stream his show and get turned on to all kinds of coolRead more

It's here, It's done

For better or for, it is done the records should be here July 18th. along with a new t-shirt. What an amazing labor of love. You can download the tracks thru the website or order cd or come hang outRead more