Can you say BRRRRRRR

Yep deep in the throes of winter and well, whatcha gonna do... every year I groan and moan but then spring comes. I am patiently waiting. . In the meantime. I am about to embark on another first. I will as of Jan 21 be hosting a weekly musical gathering.  A hybrid open mic/showcase.  Here's the lowdown... Wednesday nights from 8-11. Two showcase slots will be offered prior to the night and rest will be three song/15 min slots...Showcase will be placed randomly in the evening.  I am leaning acoustic, which means no full drum kits but that may change too...Look forward to seeing some of you there...

I have been playing a good many solo shows in preparation for some out of town solo events this coming year. Check the calendar for which show is which coming up next will be the full band back at The Music Cafe on Jan31st with our special guest Claudinna and Bobby.

Watch for when the DVD comes out or the show airs of the Emmylou Harris tribute that was held last weekend here in DC.  Amazing lineup and Alison Krauss laid everyone out with here rendition of  Til I Gain Control Again