Long Time No Write

I can't believe I haven't posted since Feb!  My promise to do better is declared. There has been soooooooo much happening, that I just haven't.  All good stuff.  I just returned from Roots on the River 16 which featured amazing performances by Mary Gauthier, Sam Baker & Carrie Elkins, John Fullbright and my "it" band of the moment(and beyond) The Black Lillies...oh yeah and me, I played the Popolos venue and had a great time! There are some videos floating around my YouTube.

Living the dream means that in the space of a few short months I have had the thrill of having Ruthie Logsdon, Dede Wyland, and Lara Herscovitch all sit in for a song or two. I have had Jon Langford in the studio singing on one of the tunes for the next record...oh yeah workin on the next record...Lookin a bit like a Rock & Roll at the moment, but who knows where it will go.  After Sin City, I have become more enamored of doing cover songs. So watch for a couple of those.check out the show page for more info on where I will be , what configuration and new live videos from shows.

Talk with you soon and please be it me or someone else, SUPPORT LIVE MUSIC!